Rohan Kailasam

A True Crime Journey through Bombay’s Infamous Underworld

When Shalini investigates a brutal attack on a druggie, she uncovers a key clue in a photo. As she delves deeper she uncovers the hidden secrets of Bombay’s underworld. Can the journalist unravel the secrets in an alcoholic’s mind before it’s too late?

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About the Book

A crime thriller based on a legend from the underworld that is unlike anything you have ever read. In essence, Wastra, set in the streets of Bombay, immerses the reader in the realm of gangs, guns, bloodshed, and encounters, through stories about numerous charac- ters, each individually woven and layered into the narrative.

Everyone is left wondering, “Who is Wastra?” after a group of goons searching for Wastra attack Babu on the busy Churchgate station. 

Characters from the Book


About the Author

Rohan Kailasam was born in Chennai and grew up in Mumbai. After finishing college and finding his MBA course uninspiring, he went to Texas. He became a commercial pilot before returning to India and joining Air India, initially based out of Mumbai. He has since worked for several foreign airlines.

An avid fitness enthusiast, he plays tennis and holds a black belt in Ishin-Ryu karate. He is currently a student of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. His other passion, apart from writing, is music; he plays the piano and is the front man for the Chennai rock band, Helmsdeep.

Wastra, his first book, is a crime thriller set in Mumbai and written entirely at 40,000 feet on long-haul flights from South East Asia into Europe and North America.

What our Readers Say

“With well-developed characters and a sense of urgency, the novel is a gripping exploration of crime, history, and human resilience, making it a compelling and memorable read”.

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Garima Singh

“This book offers an immersive and unforgettable journey into the shadows of the city, a must-read for those seeking a captivating blend of mystery and historical intrigue.”.

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Vivek Negi

“The book's narrative is so interesting and addictive that it took me a day to complete. I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline, especially the writing style. The characters are typical of Mumbai, and I feel the author captured their descriptions perfectly.”

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Seema Aggarwal

“The narration style is truly amazing. I appreciate the author for this wonderful book. The book cover is attractive and eye-catching. The storyline is mind-blowing, and the writing style is also commendable. The story is fast-paced, delivering powerful messages and lines. It's a good book overall.”

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Kaushik Das

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